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Contacted by the media for an interview!

My local hosp has been on the news you have probably seen it! I got contacted by a bbc reporter a while ago, he asked me to go on some of there programmes or the radio I said no! Now I'm thinking I should have said yes and spoke up about the state of the place! I can contact them if I want to, I'm scared though, as I'll be recognised and I'm well known in the hospital. The state of the hosp maybe questionable but the care I receive is excellent! I'm worried it might impact on my care if I spoke up, although my con wouldnt mind. Do I do it and contact them back?


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I would say that if you are not complaining about the care then go for it.

You may find that alot of the staff feel the same way about the hospital but obviously they keep quiet for fear of their jobs. Tell your cons that you are doing it and if you do make sure you stay on track and only mention the care unless its positive.

Good luck xx


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