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No bricanyl!

I have been waiting 6 weeks for my prescription of bricanyl ampoules! I have been told by my pharmacist there is a problem with the manufacturer, anyone else having trouble getting hold of it too (I've just seen Almos post in the rant thread, so wondered if there was anyone else)? Just glad I order it every month even though my gp gives me 2 months supply!

Wonder how long they will keep us waiting?!

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Hi Clare22

Just got mine through today after major problems. Boots have not been very helpful at all, I even rang round other pharmacists and they couldnt get hold of any as it is a manufacturing problem with Astra Zeneca I think. They could only gaurantee this months supply so not sure whats going to happen next month but at least can breathe for this month and I can put the chocolate down now (well maybe not go that far).

Hope you get sorted soon. I rang my Consultant who was sorting an emergency supply from the hospital pharmacy, maybe you could try that? Wish I could share some of mine its not a nice feeling is it?

Take care. Let us know how you get on.

Edit: Just read your post in General Rant and Moan Area did'nt realise you have been having problems for 6 weeks! Teach me to read more carefully next time! Sorry.


Sorry, thread hi-jaking here, but over here they've discontinued bricanyl nebs because AZ can't supply them anymore :S Linked perhaps?


I had issues with the IV Ventolin ampoules a month or so ago. Sorted now, but the bricanly amps seem to be a country wide issue.

I hope it gets sorted!



Hi claire I was told by resp team that pharmicies hope to have supplies from 14th march.... Hospital pharmacy gave me a supply til then ..... Hope u have enuff til then


I have been told by someone currently residing at RBH, that the Bricanyl issue should start being sorted as of 9th March when supplies start coming back into the country. Well that is what their pharmacy has been told. So fingers crossed we all get our hands on some soon.


Finally got my bricanyl after putting in the prescription at the end of january! The packaging and ampoules have changed maybe thats the reason for the delay, just a thought!

Have 30 boxes so should keep me going for a while!


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