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children's medical alert bracelet

hi do's anyone know where i can get a childrens size medical alert bracelet.i have been told by our gp that it may be useful.

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Try the Medic alert foundation

They have ones with the traditional bracelet chains and some really nice canvas strap ones with velcro - in nice colours & designs



Oh gosh medic alert I knew there was something else I was supposed to do. There was me feeling all smug that I had done everything the RBH had suggested at some time over the past year I do...



thanks i will look into the websits, anyone else got any ideas?


The link you have been given is your best bet.

Chloe has the canvas braclet and its great, suitable for school as it doesnt dangle and its dries very quickly if it gets wet.

Go for it.


Apologies for hijacking this thread but.....

This may sound daft and I appreciate it's each to their own set of circumstances but, what are people's opinions of the medic alert bracelets especially when going abroad?




The Medic Alert in a universally and internationally recognised item.

It has the ph no on the back with UK before it so enables contact from anywhere in the world - also, I think Medic Alert have translators handy in case English isnt the first or spoken language.



Thanks Kate.

Am going to Portugal in 3 weeks time and only found out about these on this thread! will be ording right now!


They don't say asthma but do tiny allergy bands and allergy t shirts that are good for toddlers you can write their allergy on in permanent marker on the bands so i suppose you could add asthma. Twins haven't destroyed them yet!


I've ordered one now, hopefully it will be here in time, they did say 20 - 28 days from ordering, Portugal is only 21 days away :)

Thought it best to have one, just in case.....


Hi all.

I got mine from ebay. Brand new and under twenty quid for a stainless steel one with extra info strips. I was as pleased in a squirrel in a nut factory. Give it a try. I've seen kiddies ones on there too.

Much love to everyone.

Fluffy. x

Reply is a great websit.i has really helped me thanks


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