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hello i am new aswell!!

Hello everyone.

my dad came across this site and got me to register aswell. i found his message on the parents bit and have found diso dolly as well.

I am at uni in hull but my parents are un scotland. i find it quite tricky being at uni and having asthma and am constanly in and out of hospital. no one else that i know of at uni has uncontrolled asthma and sometimes i just wnat to ask someone for some advice but dont always want to be going to the dr as it is not always nessecary.

i was wondering if there are other people at uni or schoola dn having some problems sometimes.

thank you


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hey, i defo understand the problems with havin unpredictable and uncontrolable asthma, i am in 6th form college at the mo and totaly understand the difficulties of missing time form 6th form, lessons, work etc i find it hard to catch up with work i ave missed, i am still trying to now, and my mum has resorted into a bio tutor as i have missed too much in lessons to catch up by myself, which initself can be tricky!!

any problemos then i am always here to help

katie xxx


hey i understand loud and clear.

being the only one in my group who has quite bad asthma and needs regular medical attention, yet doesnt like going back and forth.

i'm 19 and if i ever missed my seretide, i would be in deep do do, i try and live a quite active lifestyle(though admittedly doesnt work and results in spectacular splattage) with my college and job.

i find here is an excellent place for moral support, but talking about it to my friends helped, and they said it helped them know what to do when im bad.

welcome to AUK :)


Hi gem

I'm seventeen and will be going to uni next year. I know what you mean about not wanting to be always in and out of the drs. I'm sure you will find lots of people to talk to on here. I always find it helpful because none of my friends have asthma. It's hard, and for a long time I had so much trouble even talking to any of my friends about it. But i guess I have splatted enough times in their presence that you could say that they are trained in what to do lol. Anyway, hopefully we'll chat some more

XX Brynne


glad you have joined us hope life gets a little easier for you soon.


hey gem,

U didn't used to post on the old AUK website did u? If not was another gem!

I'm 21 too and at uni too!

Know exactly how u feel although I seem to be having a better year this year than the last.

I used to be at uni in Leeds now in london.

feel free to PM me any time.

Emily x


Im 17 and just found out i have asthma and i'm going to a different college in september in doncaster which is 2 hours away from my home land. I will be attending a deaf college to do sport and in this case my inhaler will be important.

I hope your asthma will soon be better and good luck in uni :)



Hi Gem,

welcome to asthma uk. I am not a student any more (I'm an old crumbly now!) but I still feel a bit like one a lot of the time, and it isn't so long since I was at uni. It can be really hard being the only one having to go to the dr, and being in and out of hossie - I used to be admitted after most nights out cos of the smoke, but since the smoking ban that ahs been much better -- it did make uni harder work than for most folk though. Are you finding it hard to balance all the things you want to do with the fact that your asthma gets in the way? I used to decide to go out anyway cos I didn't want my asthma to stop me doing things but eventually I had to realise that pitching up in A+E drunk and unable to breathe wasn't bright. It has taken me a long time to work out ways to do the things that are important to me (like how to seem normal to folk I don't know well and to do normal things) but without the risks. I guess it takes a bit of practice to work out where the limits are, and a bit of thought before you jump into new situations, which is a bit rubbish when you just want to get on with things, but eventually you will do it without noticing.

I hope you get some useful help on the site - pop over to camping where a lot of us chat regularly, there are usually plenty folk around with difficult asthma who can give you advice.



I'd like to second what Sarah says about finding balance between appearing normal to people who don't know you and doing 'normal' things. I'm a 3rd year student and was diagnosed with asthma at 18. I also have severe allergies and have had numerous hospital visits. I know how frustrating it can be to want to do all the 'student stuff' and be like everyone else and it has taken me a long time to get the balance between having fun and looking after my health. Today I was told by my consultant that we may have my asthma as good as we can get it, but whilst being grateful for her honesty and having a clear picture of where I am at with it I also keep a positive outlook that things may improve as they have over the past 3 years as I've learnt to manage my symptoms and lifestyle together.

Please pm me if you have any questions. Lucy :-)


Newbie here

Hello - just thought I'd invade this thread to introduce myself. I'm a newbie around here, so be gentle with me! I'm Sue, and have just been diagnosed as having asthma at 36 years of age after around 5 years of constant chest infections, x-rays and other problems. I haven't taken it well, and am frustrated that this might be all that there is for me now. Is it possible that there might be an underlying cause of my asthma that I might be able to deal with? They seem to have settled on this condition and are treating it accordingly, but I can't help thinking there might be more to it. I can be quite argumentative when things don't go my way!

I just wondered, too....I'm right at the start of my treatment, and am currently recording my peak flow for the nurse, seeing her every few weeks, and using the blue inhaler as and when I need to (I suddenly had much more severe symptoms in the last few weeks). Should I be asking for other treatments? I've seen tablets and nebulisers mentioned on this site. I'd be happy to try anti-histamines too, but nothing's been offered at this stage.

In answer to the original post, it's been a while since I finished uni, but I do work in a college. We take lots of conditions into account here, but I've never heard asthma mentioned. I'll be bringing it up at our next meeting when we're discussing smoking areas though! Would there be anything that your colleges and universities could do that might help you, as students with asthma? Maybe even if it's just an awareness campaign?

I wrote an essay! Yay me! Had a lot to get off my chest, obviously.


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