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General advice please!


I wanted to ask a few questions about my asthma as I don't know anyone with the condition and would like some advice before I go bothering my doctor.

I was diagnosed this asthma in June after getting the all-clear from a chest x-ray. I am taking the Clenil Modulite 100 twice a day along with Ventolin to use as and when. I've been on this now for two months and in my mind, my symptoms are getting worse (but are probably exacerbated by anxiety). My chest is really tight today and my breathing shallow. My questions:

1. Can asthma just keep getting worse and worse or will it plateau at some point?

2. Have I been on my new mediation long enough to justify asking my doctor to change it?

3. I'm three stone overweight because I eat too much of the wrong food and don't exercise. I am starting the address my eating problem but am too scared to exercise with my chest being like this. I'm just wondering if anyone else here who has lost weight has seen an improvement in their asthma?

4. Can humid weather make asthma worse?

Thanks for reading my post

Best wishes


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hi Cathrine mb.

The humid weather is causing problems for lots of us asthmatics.

weight-Try just walking for exersize that will help and also get you out in the freshair

when you are up to it .

Your asthma will settle down when you get the right treatment,this can take a while and

wont happen over night.

Its trial and error until you find the meds that work for you, eg

Ive had asthma for 2 years and only just getting mine under control with trying different

meds and seeing a consultant.

If you dont think your meds are helping you then its time to see a doc or asthma nurse who

might try adding an add on inhaler etc and monitor you closer till you feel like you can cope better.

Your doctor or Asthma nurse should draw up an action plan for you,this will tell you what to take when

your not coping well and also how to reduce it back when you are feeling better.

Hope this has helped you a little.love Glynis xxx


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate your advice. I know my condition isn't as serious as other people's, but it's scary when something takes over your body and you have no control over it. I'll give me doctor a call tomorrow. Thanks again xxx


HI Catherine,

I'm newly diagnosed too, and know how youre feeling. This site has been and continues to be a great place for advice and reassurance, everyone is so welcoming, especially if you dont know anyone with asthma!

I have seemed to notice that my asthma seems to be getting worse since my initial diagnosis but i think this is more due to you being aware of your body more and thinking 'ah I wonder if thats linked to the asthma' whereas before you'd have maybe brushed it off. Now I've had some time like this, I'm seeing the asthma nurse this week to discuss it as now I have more questions to ask.

I'm in a similar boat in terms of being overweight too, I love food and don't want to really compromise too much on what I eat so have taken up exercise. In fact it was my problems during exercise which prompted my trip to the GP and my diagnosis. I am still having trouble during exercise but now I know what it is, so if I get too tired I just stop rather than trying to carry on. Once your medication is sorted out, exercise shouldn't be a problem for you. Just take it steady and listen to your body. As yet I haven't lost any weight, although pleasingly things are getting toned up!! So I don't know if this will help the asthma.

Feel free if you want to PM me xxx


hi catherine...ive had asthma for over 10years but only prop diagnosed about 2-3 years ago so lived with it for quite a while n i still havent got my sussed lol, but that doesnt mean that you wont. hopefully with the right medication you will be able to manage it well enough to lead a full life including exercising to help with the weight loss (which will help but as i know all to well its not easy is it). i found that if iv got to go out n know im going to be busy (walking the dog for eg is my exercise) i take my inhaler beforehand and after. i also wear a scarf over my mouth in winter cos its not just the cold weather that can make my asthma worse n yep humid weather that we are having at the min is making my asthma very unstable.it might be better for you to ask your gp to see your asthma nurse for advice about meds. good luck x


hi katherine,

It will take you while to get used to the peak flow patterns, but if you feel the medication isn't working/ helping so well go back to your asthma nurse or gp and speak to them about how you feel.There are different types of inhalers you can use, so you may have to try different ones to find the one you like. Your gp or dr can advise you on this. You could also taking yor questions to the asthma helpline, they were really helpful when i was having major probs with my asthma that the gps just kept fobbing me off. Try looking in the library for asthma books which can be very helpful and answer questions you may have.

I can relate to the weight problem as i'm overweight myself, i signed up to weight watchers now i kinda got asthma under some sort of control.

Good luck with your asthma



A big thank you

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that replied to my post - and in so much detail too. Can't tell you how much it means to me xxx



glad to have helped, it's really nice when we can all help and support each other.We are very lucky to have some great people on here.

Take care sj


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