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Strange treatment!

Had a very strange experience experience last night. I was having quite a bad asthma attack bought on by stress mainly, had 2 nebs and still couldn't get it under control so my wife called an ambulance (against my wishes because I hate a fuss - so made me more stressed!)

The paramedic came in and because I wasn't wheezing (have never really wheezed in 40 years of having asthma) dismissed it as a panic attack and told me to take Night Nurse to help me calm down!

Thankfully things did calm down after he left... but am feeling somewhat bemused by the experience this morning.

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If you search 'rapid response' into the search box, there's a long thread about someone who had similar treatment.

I think ended with writing a complaint to her local trust.

Sorry to hear you had such a horrid experience, hope you feel better soon!



Just read that 'rapid Response' thread..shocking!

I spent a lot of my teenage years in and out of hospital with asthma and had nothing but praise for everybody at the time - experiences of the last couple of years have dented my confidence in the NHS though.

My PF was 200 last night (I'm 6'4'') but the paramedic didn't check it or ask me what it was / should be. Didn't get a stethoscope out either! Just told me to stop over breathing and take some Night Nurse!

I wonder what effect popping a couple of Night Nurse as he advised would have had on top of a couple nebulisers (I decided not to give this a go!)


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