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advice re medication


I am a new member to this site so apologies if this is an obvious question but have been 'googling' for information and not much available so here goes,

My 8 year old has had asthma since around age 4 and is regularly seen by respiratory nurse/paed but took him to Gp today as has had cold for around a week/10 days and coughing(gunky) and needing regular blue inhalers to control this, I do hae oral steroids in the house for him but wasnt quite sure that he needed them so wanted to check with the gp?? Anyway he gave him Clenil 100 to be taken on top of seretide 50x4 puffs daily/singulair at night and suggested that i use it for a week and see how he goes....i was always under the impression that seretide was a step up treatment from clenil and also that inhaled steroids took up to 2 weeks to be effective so wondering what your opinions on this would be and wondered whether should discuss with nurse at next visit.

Many thanks x

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Lou-e first welcome.

As your daughter has seretide, your doctor has decided to increase the inhaled steroid dose by prescribing an additional inhaller. The conventional method with seretide is to double up when required but it's not one I agree with and some are moving away from that aproach and doing what your doc has, however I'd have prefered flixotide as the other inhaler, simply because it's the same steroid used in seretide. I'd not worry about being given the Clenil inhaler, it's the better method and the time it takes to work is questionable, you should find few days will make a difference.


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