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Probs with Pred reduction?

Hiya, my son is currently to get off Pred (Again), but is having strange side effects. Don't know if this is due to reducing or whether he's just being weird!

He has been on Pred continuously for the past year and I don't think he has managed to get below 20mg without having a problem and having to go back up to 40mg. He has been reducing at 5mg a week and is currently on 20mg. His pf is now hovering around 50% (was on 75% 2 weeks ago) but he is not really that symptomatic.

The last 4-5 days he has been complaining about feeling dizzy, nauseous and light headed. He is due to reduce again tomorrow and I can't get hold of anyone for advice as to what to do. He had a similar problem last year when trying to reduce but hospital were not sure if it was anything to do the Pred. Obviously he needs to come off the Pred if possible, I am happy to reduce from a symptom point of view but don't know whether his reduced pf is a sign that trouble is on the way.

Does anyone else have these probs when coming off Pred - I need to make a decision whether to reduce again tomorrow or hold off for a bit longer.

Any advice welcome, it's so hard cos it's not my body and have to rely on him telling me how he feels... not easy for a 13 year old who has to be told to take his Ventolin cos he can't breathe and hates steroids cos they make his face fat. He would be happy to stop them today and deal with the consequences tomorrow!

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That is a low PF, and if I was you I'd hold off the reduction for a few days, and see if the PF recovers, but with a PF of 50%, you really should be taking him back to your GP, better to be safe.



Hi koolkat

I am sorry i cannot help you really, although when i am going on and off pred i have found i get some weird side affects but they do settle down with time being off the steriods.

I noticed no one else had replied and thought i would just say hi!

The trouble with pred is your body can get used to it and then rely on it which is why it is hard to get off but you have to battle on as in the long run you are better off it if your asthma can manage without it (or that was what my consultant said to me)

I would ask your son based on how he feels what he would like to do stay at current dose til you can get hold of medical person or drop down to next level.

I though one thing i am a tad concerned about is his dropping peakflow, this really needs checking out by a medical person, maybe ring for a GP appointment in the morning and say his peak flow has been dropping and you want to get him checked before the bank holiday weekend Gp surgery should be understanding.

Hope some of my woffle is useful



Thanks plumie and woody

We don't use the GP for Jay's asthma as he has an emergency card for our local and I have been told to go there for Asthma related probs. Unfortunately, Jay can manage very well on 50% peak flows with little symptoms, so getting him seen when he is not breathless/wheezy is pretty pointless. He is under the Brompton and our Local don't like to step on their toes so will only make decisions if he is unwell. So pretty much stuck in a catch 22 situation. I think advice from RBH would be to stay on 20mg, but I am not sure whether to increase or not. Suppose I will have to play it by ear...

Thanks again.



Just thought I'd mention the fact that there are smaller quantities of pred avalible so 2.5mg tablets and 1mg. I've found that when I'm trying to get lower than 20mg I have to go down 1mg at a time, however annoying and irritating it is, (I'm 18 and hate the moon face that comes with pred and the other side effects) although I can happily go from 60mg to 55mg or 40mg to 35mg! Best of luck to you both!

ally x



I not long ago posted something similar on steroid reduction as I am steroid dependent now and really struggle to reduce my pred....I have been on them for about 18 months constantly now and cannot get past 25mg or for most of this year not been able to get past 40mg....I have the dreadful moon face and hate it and also the other side effects like stretch marks and weight gain....I have a ridiculous reduction regime that is very closely monitored by my practice/asthma nurse, monitored weekly as I reduce and increase by 2.5mg every other day, if that makes sense, for example, Mon-40mg, Tues-37.5mg, Wed-40mg, Thur-37.5mg etc for 2 weeks and then go down another 2.5mg after 2 weeks if well, If i am unwell I have to go back up to the higher dose and start again when better....Its hard work and I am so glad that the practice/asthma nurse knows what she is doing as I get confused lol...... I make sure everything is written down, and make suer my action plan is completely up to date....

But if he really not feeling very well, he should really be seeing a Gp or ringing NHS Direct for advice etc..

Take care and hope he feels better soon x


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