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education statement for asthma

Hello all, hope everything is ok at the mo.

After seeing how many children with Asthma have difficulties at school relating to it's management and the knock on effect this has on their education I was wondering if anyone had infomation as to whether you can apply for a statement for asthma even if your child has no learning difficulties.

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I dont know about that, but it certainly seems logical as it can be as disabilitating as a learning difficulty. I know i am having to get my asthma assessed to get disabled living allowance hopefully so i guess if it can be part of that then it must be able to have a education statement. Hopefully someone will come along who has an answer soon. I certainly would be interested to know.


I wouldn't count on it I can't get a statuatory assessment (statement) done for my daughter despite her severe dyslexia (shes 4 years behind), dyspraxia which leaves her with the motor skills of a 4 year old (shes nine) visual perception problems, dyscalculia and asthma amd a nut allergy.

Rather a touchy subject today as OT have just discharged her saying that they can't provide any improvement in the 6 1hour sessions they have the resources for so have opted not to treat at all instead handed me a 16 page booklet of what they would have done and yes i am absolutely furious........

There is lots of information about special educational needs which includes medical needs at parent centre/direct gov website i think it is.

To get a statuatory assessment you have to go through all the SEN steps of schools action, schools action plus the school has to put all sorts of things in place provision maps, IEPS etc and involve outside agencies that don't work and you have to have several reviews where you agree nothing is working only then can you request through school or the LEA that an assessment is done. Then they can still say no and not assess. Of course it may be different for purely medical needs and it may work differently in a different area but my experience is that the last 4 years have been a battle and incredibly frustrating. A lot of children with severe needs and learning difficultys don't need/can't get depending on how you look at it a statement.

I'm still trying to work out exactly what the advantages are of having the statement of need as school are still fobbing me off saying there is no point going down that route as there is no extra money/resources available even if we went down the very lengthy assessment process.


In most areas it is really hard to get a statment for anything and it takes a minuimum of 6 months. I work with kids who have been permenantly excluded from school and we don't even bother trying until they have been excluded twice, then there is only about 75% of the time.

if you were wanting to try you would need to talk with the SEN department at your childs school, although it might be worth talking to your Dr first to see if they would be happy to provide supporting evidence at least that way you have something to put to the SEN department.


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