GP reacting rather oddly to prescription request!

hi everyone, I just had a new experience with my GP - emailed my repeat request as usual, but this time it was quite soon after my last request, as I have had a more unstable time the last couple of weeks and thus assiduously taking my oxis four times a day and never forgetting a dose of flixotide - so oxis lasting 8 days and flixotide 16 days. It takes a couple of days to get the prescription done by the GP and then I have to find time to pick it up and go to the chemists, all of which is fine with me but takes about a week in total generally so I was trying to allow for this ""lead time"" and be ultra-organised lol.

GP (not my usual one) writes on the top of my email printout ""Practice policy only to issue one preventer as it should last a month [!?] and requesting oxis too soon after last issued, needs asthma review"". I must say I am generally very happy with my GP and the whole practice, and I very rarely see them as am under consultant care for my asthma, but I think this guy can't count! 120 puffs in an inhaler at 8 puffs a day I'm sure comes out at 15 days plus a few extra puffs! I suppose it serves me right for suddenly being 100% compliant lol - I don't take lunchtime and early evening oxis if I have been really well all day as I get no bronchodilation and only side effects, so I quite often use only half the oxis I ""should"" according to my prescription and I guess they'd got used to that!

Anyone else been told they are using too many meds when they're actually just being ""good""? New experience for me! I will continue to be ""good"" and go to asthma review though not sure what they will suggest given that I have spent several years settling on a regime with my consultant.....

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  • Yes I have had similar - in fact I did have to actually show the surgery my calclations for ho9w long it will last - and it's worse when you have a holiday like Christmas to cover over too as need it sooner!

    It's a penny counting thing!!! I mean hevaen forbid what will you do with an ""extra"" inhaler? Use it???

  • thanks Me, nice to hear I am not alone in this as in so many experiences! However I would defend this particular GP on the penny-counting front - the practice spends a vast amount of money funding my exceedingly expensive drug regime and nobody has ever so much as murmured or queried any of it, so I will definitely give him the benefit of the doubt and think he is concerned that my asthma is out of control and I am sitting at home overdosing on oxis!

    I work for a money-obsessed NHS Foundation Trust so I don't have any illusions about the importance of finance in medicine these days, sadly, (if I get one more email about ""market share in teenage cancer"" (yes, really), or our ""financial recovery plan"" I think I'll scream), but don't want to be too cynical if I can help it!

  • Hiya

    You are certainly not alone , it took nearly a year for my Gp to finally get my scripts right after the last they were changed at RBH.

    They did not seem to be able to comprhend that a symbicort inhaler with 60 puffs in wold only last me 10 days!! I am on the 400/12 and take 3 puffs x2 a day , they kept on giving me 2 inhalers which of course only lasted 20 days not the required 28 days they seemed to think it should!!!

    I have had similar probs with pred and nebs too!! Thankfully after a rather long appt with one of the more able GP in my practice it is now sorted so please keep trying and if need be u will literally have to show them the basic equation !!! GOOD LUCK!

  • Hey EJ. Probably someone not au fait with your case, or that you're medically qualified yourself, concerned that your asthma is getting out of control - as you say. Plus not quite doing their maths....ah well, I suppose it does show that someone's thinking about issuing repeat scripts, rather than just signing them off.

    I've had a similar thing with my GP surgery; once it's actually discussed with my regular GP, it's fine.

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