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travel insurance - good news story

I have never had trouble with travel insurance before, as was insured with what seemed like a rather generous company who didnt even charge a premium for my moderately severe asthma! However they don't seem to be doing new policies this year for some reason and I was disappointed to find that the suggested replacement company wouldnt cover my asthma at any price, even though I have had no admissions in the last year and am really rather well at the moment - so am not really too bad an insurance risk!

I was in a bit of a flap as am going to the channel islands on Sunday and only just found out they are not part of the NHS! I searched on here and found suggestion to try Freedom Insurance, who couldnt have been more helpful and have covered me and my (healthy) partner for 268 pounds, worldwide, for a year. This is more than I have paid before but seems eminently reasonable.

So I can definitely endorse Freedom (they have a website under Freedominsurance) - others with much more severe asthma than me have also had success with them.

Just thought I'd share something good, after a morning of panicking!


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I usually use Barclays, had no problems going to Portugal last month.


That does sound good! I bought annual travel insurance with the Post Office this week with a £60 medical premium for asthma because my regular medication dosage has changed within the last 12 months - out of remission and that's fair enough until it stablizes.


yes insurance does seem to be a sticky issue and the ground rules keep changing - I was charged no extra at all in 2007 despite being steroid dependent, on 6 meds and having a two week admission in the same year. This time they wouldnt cover me at any price, despite being more stable, having had no admissions since the 2007 one, and reducing my pred. Made no sense to me.... the other company asked me exactly the same questions and came to a radically different conclusion.

The Post Office do also seem to do a good deal and be sensible for most people.


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