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Emma is running the London Marathon for AUK!!!!!

Dear AUKers,

I'm still not sure how it happened, but somehow I find myself running the Flora London Marathon on 13th April to raise money for AUK! Francine in the AUK office is very persuasive...... and very encouraging! This is very exciting and scary, as I've never done a marathon before although I have been running fairly regularly for the last 18 months.

The point of this crazy enterprise is of course to raise money for, yup, AUK, and as a lifelong asthmatic and longtime user of the AUK site I am very aware of the fantastic support and services that AUK provides. As someone who works with children in hospital in ""real life"" I am also particularly impressed by the Kick Asthma holidays and it's great to hear how much the children and young people enjoy them and benefit from them.

Sooooooo - please sponsor me to help AUK continue all their work!!!!!!!

I have a justgiving site at justgiving.com/emmaweisblatt where you can find out a bit more about me and can donate or pledge securely. Please feel free to PM me with comments or questions too!

I am hoping for better weather than they had for the AUK 10k last weekend, but whatever happens I am looking forward to it and determined to enjoy the experience while raising lots of money for AUK!

Thanks very much for reading this and for your support,


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You already know I think you are bonkers...however being as I have plans for similar in a few years I can't really judge!! Well done EJ, and the very best of luck.

Cathy & Steve


Well done Emma. I am running too! This will be my first marathon although I have done a few half marathons. I too am an asthmatic and two out of my three children also suffer. I started running about 3 years ago when a friends husband suggested giving it a try. My first excuse was ""I can't run, I have asthma!"" to which he immediately replied ""so has Paula Radcliffe!"" Needless to say that convinced me to have a go and I really liked it. I'm by far a natural runner but it keeps me fit and with the help of my GP and practice nurse in changing my meds, it has helped my asthma no end. My eldest son (now 17) was very sickly as a toddler and at the ag of 2 was diagnosed with asthma. At the age of 5 our GP told us to encourage our son into a sport of his choice to help develop his lungs. We took his advice and he now runs for the county and is part of an elite training squad for 2012!

So there is good reason for us to be seen competing for AUk as I hope it shows others what advances there have been due to the research that AUK are doing.

Anyway hope to see you on the 13th at some stage.



oooo good luck to u both i know how much training u have to put in to it

imo i dunno how anyone does it

karen and her brood


Good luck EJ, and everyone else running the marathon today! x


Yeah, good luck to anyone running for AUK today - have got so much admiration for you!! x


EJ, you star. What an amazing finish time. I feel I have some work to do! Well done!!


What was the finishing time? Did I miss something? Very well done, anyway - I'm in awe of anyone who finishes at all, let alone gets a good time. Huge congratulations.

Hmmm, all this talk of exercise... think I might get off my fat behind and go to the kitchen to get some cake.


I was a bit sneaky and looked it up on the website. I'll let Emma pop along and tell peeps the good news, don't want to rain on her parade ;)


hi everyone,

Thanks for all the good wishes, it makes it all worhthwhile!

I just got into work (home computer is moribund but hoping computer ITU will rescue something.....) so only just found out my finish time - was very pleased to finish in 4hrs 28 mins and 21 seconds. TBH by about 23 miles I had decided that the faster I kept going the sooner it would be over, so managed not to slow down!

The AUK support was amazing and put a smile on my face everytime I saw them, and I have almost reached my fundraising target too (hoping a car boot sale will top it up to the necessary!).

Thanks again to everyone



Amazingly well done, EJ, many congratulations!



An enormous WELL DONE! from me too. You're amazing. Emily is in awe of anyone who finishes the London marathon, but I'm in awe of anyone who signs up to begin with, let alone finishes!


Well Done Emma and everyone else who ran.

My finishing time was 4:44:14 which I was thrilled with as it was my first marathon. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the post race reception as we had problems gathering all our fellow runners and supporters together and then had all got very cold and stiff waiting. We decided to get to the station for the long journey home and a hot bath!

Thoroughly enjoyed the day and thank you for all the support on route. Just got to finish collecting my sponsorship monies now.

Jules X


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