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gp receptionists

I'm going to break with tradition today and sing the praises of my GP's receptionist who broke all the rules for me yesterday and within an hour or so organised a steroid prescription to replace the hospital one that I hadn't been able to get done as the pharmacy was closed. Also the other receptionist there last week who kept coming out and checking on me when I was coughing and offering water etc. - Lovely staff makes it that bit easier.

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I was extremelly isolated due to the frequent asthma attacks and unable to visit my gp. The receptionist recieved all my discharge summeries and took notice. They then arranged for a colleague to come to my home to assist me. I gained invaluable information. In fact any problems I have they sort it amazingly.



glad to hear I'm not the only one with good experiences. x



Hi I have just joined a new GP practice but the receptionists at my old practice were so heloful to me.


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