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Not improving

Hi people,

I caught a virus over 2 weeks ago and it immediately made my asthma worse, treated myself for the virus and gave it a few days to improve hoping to avoid oral steroids. No such luck. Been on 7 days of prednisolone and have 3 days of course to take...... trouble is i'm still struggling, salbutamol inhaler isn't helping much either. I currently take seretide 500 twice dailly and have been well controlled until now on that. Shouldn't the oral steroids of made an impact by now? Still wheezing, SOBOE, tired,coughing (although cough not as troublesome) lungs pain.........really fed up and only able to sleep if i'm drugged! Help, any advice and i'm desperate to get back to work but don't know if i'll cope and have the energy for it. The only time i feel ok is when i'm resting.... :(

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If you peak flow is ok I would say its more of the virus sticking around taking it out of you but I dont know your asthma as everyone is different.... yes prednislone helps to reduce the inflammation but if it is a virus wont help!

I would take your salbuatmol inhaler reguallary for a while even if you feel you dont need it and get plenty of rest. If you get worse the wonderful GP's for you!


thanks for quick reply. No my peakflows remain low, especially in the morning.


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