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Diagnosed with asthma...Doctors kept telling me the wrong thing


I was reccently diagnosed with asthma in Easter of this year. This got me wondering though.

My attack was caused by a croopy cough that I get and since I was two I have had this cough. Everytime I was taken to the doctors they continually told me and my parents it wasn't asthma and even after a hospital diagnosed me...They continue to tell me that it's not.

Then whenever I have an asthma attack at school I am taken out of the class to my school office were they refuse to do anything because they claim I don't have asthma.

I was in London with my school and I had two rather serious asthma attacks and they sat with me for 3 hours to get me to breath normally and they kept saying you shouldn't take your inhaler it doesn't help with your asthma as you are making it up. They wouldn't take me to the hospital even after train station staff told them they were phoning for an ambulance.

What makes it worse is my step dad takes mad turns whenever I have an asthma attack and I have to phone for an ambulance as his daughter only had two serious ones were she ended up in hospital when she was two and three...

Anyone else have this problem?

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Hi missrandom, I totally sympathise with your situation. Although I am an asthmatic, my major problem at school was a condition called cyclical vomiting, where I was often sick every two weeks of a year for a week at a time. Even though I had been diagnosed at the hospital, my 3 schools never believed me, and I was constantly bullied by my teachers at all of my schools. The school nurse even said to me ""I don`t care what the doctor said"" when I was told that I would need water or I would severely dehydrate. I left school in the early 1990`s but it looks as if you are still having similar problems that I did. To stop you from using your inhalers is totally uncalled for when you are suffering from a serious condition such as asthma and you have all my sympathies. I never told anyone about the teachers bullying me until I left school, but I hope you have better luck. Perhaps you could get some advice from the Asthma UK Adviceline. It`s worth a try. Good luck for the future, EmmaC


I'd try getting a letter from you GP, and showing the school that, also complain to the board of governors about the treatment you get, they should do something as you have a serious medical condition that has been clinically diagnosed, and they aren't in a position to question that.


Hi Miss Random,

This is appalling,

Have you told the headteacher?

Show them your prescription perhaps or ask your parents to come along and see them, I would take a letter from your doctor to the school and If all else fails complain to your school govenors, local education authority, threaten to sue their pants off, go to the local TV news etc.

I thought schools were scared of putting children in danger these days and over protective.


I Had the same problem with my university..... I completed a year and then took a year out during that year I became unwell with asthma/allergies.. when I returned the university believed that due to my asthma not being controlled they couldnt believe it was true asthma and is resulted in them suspending me (I had prevous mental health problems so in my view put 2 and 2 togather and got 10!) and sending me to a pysch!

Unfortunatly the damage was already done and due to my asthma getting so bad (blaiming it on stress) I had to leave..

I think to many people assume that asthma only effect children and older people that you cant be diagnosed in later teens early adulthood (I was 20)


I kind of have the same problem except with me its the other way round, every one knows about it and deals with it well and its only my parents who refuse to accept it. I was on holiday recently and had an attack, not the worst of my life but it should have gone to hospital. After half an hour i was still bad and my inhaler was doing nothing. I said i think i need to go to the hospital but my parents refused to take me or call an ambulance. My mum said just keep taking my inhaler and take my pred. So for the 8 hours i was waiting for the steroids to kick in, i was in a pretty bad state 10 puffs would barely last me half an hour! Luckily i didn't get really bad - no blue lips or anything, but easly could have gone the other way.I don't know why their like this though, they have this whole idea thats its all stress related and not really asthma (maybe due to a history of mental health problems - thoough not serious). I've been in hospital about 12 times in the last 3 or so months and every time we speak to the doctor my mum starts saying im sure its stress realted, but despite all the doctors saying no, definitley asthma she won't accept it. So i know how you feel and its awful, i send lots of hugs and feel free to pm me!



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