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struggling , consultant wont listen

I see my copnsultant every three months. I had pulmery embolisms in both lungs last october ( extensive ) on warfarin for life but thats beside the point. What im getting at is that every time i see him he wont take my asthma seriously, even climbing the stairs to get to his clinic is a killer. Im left feeling weak , out of breath, hot, ect. He says my embolisms are all clear now and that my heart has recovered and to exercise as my breathlessness is due to being unfit ....... I totally disagree but seem to be falling on deaf ears. My peak flow is usually around 250 so not bad i suppose. Im on seretide 500 twice daily, montelucast, hayfever meds as allergic to trees n grass n they set off my asthma , and have my inhaler ( which I have to use alot ) ....

I was on aminophylline but it put me in hospital with extremely high blood pressure and pulse, was on a heart machine for four days :-(, and in for 7.

Had scans of the heart and untrasounds ect, the heart is fine so it has to be the asthma, any ideas anyone.

Ps read the post about the earwigs n fluff, will be checking my inhaler before use now , ugh, anybody know where u get these inhaler covers from ?

Thanks everyone , tc , Donna x


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