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oh well another week of pred ..... what nxt

just really peeved off, on another dose of pred, round face or what, just aint clearing or helping with the breathing. Asthma nurse wouldnt up my seretide from 500 one puff bd to 2 puffs bd but the gp had no probs. Still have a wheeze, SOB and totally fed up ....... doesnt seem like this battle is ever gonna end ....... keep thinking im gonna end up at A/E AGAIN ........ wheres the light at the end of the tunnel ??? just taking the seretide, singulair and ventolin isnt helping but they say im on the highest dose of everything to help ......... why is it that i dont believe them. My peek flow today was 200 ..... im 15 stone, i know overweight but have good reason as been totally underactive for over a yr due to other serious health problems ....... just desperate ..... hope yr all as well as can be, Donna xx

ps sorry meant to add anyone any suggestions , cheers xx

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What is your best peak flow? It just 200 seems rather low and perhaps you do need to take yourself to a and e and say look all this is not working I am struggling with breathing can you admit me and sort out my asthma please. They do do this if you are stuggling and not getting any where. Failing this go see GP and ask to be referred to a consultant as you are not happy. Keep pushing till you feel happy about the situation and dont be afraid of going to a and e if you are struggling.



Hi Donna,

Nothing wrong with doubling your seretide for a short while if you're unwell. Some have and still say no, but that is or was down to the salmeterol which has now been changed to allow the higher doses in sort periods, but not everyone is aware of it, not that it made much difference before as I was told I could double up.

How are your symptoms, if you're struggling to breath, tight chest, etc then go to your doctor again, or A+E. Don't worry another week of pred won't do you any harm.

Maybe worth asking if you could have an extra flixotide inhaler to up the inhaled steroid dose when you are symptomatic. Help control the inflammation before you get to the pred stage next time.

Again also check your diet, plenty of vitamin A, C and D will help and good old fashioned rest. Sleep is wonderful.



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