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Feeling Alone


I'm new to this forum and am basically feeling quite alone. Just got out of hospital on Saturday, was in for a week and was in HDU, nearly ITU which was a scare. I have brittle asthma which is normally ok but i have bad attacks, am on seritide, uniphyllin, accolate(zafirlukast), bambuterol, combivent/salb nebs. am not sure if bricanyl pump would help me. i've been on long term pred while at uni and now have stretch marks everywhere which i hate. my folks live abroad and so i don't have anyone to talk to who understands. :(

Twistergirl x

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hi twistregirl

Welceom to AUK - plese dont feeel aloen - theree is alwys some1 rougn to takl to.

U wil haev to excues typign - am nto too goood at mo.

Soudns liek you haev had a rouhg tiem ovre the lst week - mke seure u gte plenty pf rest nwo u haev escaped costa (hospitla)



I know exactly how you feel as I felt the same back in November. I found it very isolating and scary and also found it difficult to talk to people as I found no one understood.

You have come to the right place though. There is a thread on the general forum called camping 2. If you post there you will find all the regulars who always post here. Feel free to vent off and say exactly how you feel.

It is through there that I have made many friends who always listen, understand, share experiences and can give advise. This site has been a great help to me in feeling less isolated and I hope it is to you too.

Keep in touch.


Steph aka disco dolly



thanks guys, even just reading what others are going thru on here seems to help. I am taking it easy and have a week off work to get my energy back. My apt with my consultant isn't until July though but maybe he'll move it forward when he knows I had a bad attack.

Twistergirl x


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