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Asthma control over Christmas

This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. My asthma's been pretty unpredictable since the weather turned colder, twice daily peak flows look great, but I keep having sudden attacks which take a lot of salbutamol to bring under control. I went to the doctors last week and had my Seretide increased to the maximum liscenced dose, but it's not had chance to have an effect yet so I'm still going through my salbutamol inhalers in just a matter of days! I've got a follow up appointment booked on thursday as she wanted to see me again before I go away for Christmas.

I'm really worried about how I'm going to cope over the next few days as I will be traveling a lot and will be in contact with several triggers including spending time in the home of a heavy smoker (who will definitely be smoking while I'm there), a real Christmas tree, staying in a home with an allergen I haven't yet been able to identify, likelihood of people using air-fresheners/scented candles, spraying perfumes etc, risk of accidentally eating or drinking something containing sulphites, not to mention the cold! I'm normally so careful about what products we use in our home and what food and drinks we buy and I still have poor control at the moment, so how on earth do I cope around all these triggers?

I guess I just wanted to vent to someone who'll understand how it feels really.I've tried talking to my other half, but having never had asthma he just doesn't get it. I know I shouldn't worry as that'll probably make things worse but it's difficult not to! Thanks for reading!

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I know how you feel. Ive been sick since oct this time. Have never been this bad

By worrying especially at this hour of the morning,

everything always feels ten times worse.

I know with me I have to try and take it as it comes. The more I worry the worse my asthma seems to get.

Iam hoping I will cope over christmas. I'm sure you will too.

Once you have all your meds with you, and remember you don't have to stay in the room of someone is smoking. You can always go out and look at the garden, birds etc.

I wish you all the very best for christmas and hope its a happy and peaceful one.



Hi thanks for the reply. The day I'm at the home of the smoker I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place really, either in the same room as someone smoking or outside breathing cold air, both of which are potent triggers for me. I'll just have to take things as they come, I''ll make sure I pack my action plan and emergency prednisolone course and just hope I don't need them.


Before my teenage son went on an activity camp with his school, our GP suggested he had a short course of preds to help him through. Perhaps you could check with your GP if you could do the same ie have a short course whilst you are away? I know it's not ideal, but if it prevents your asthma worsening it might be worth thinking about.

I couldnt stay with anyone who smoked or had cats, so I understand your concern. Make sure you have enough reliever with you, and if necessary, ask your GP for another presciption, so you dont get caught out whilst you're away (has happened to me!). I've already 'stocked up' on inhalers, ready for Christmas! I hope you get on alright, and have a nice time. xx


Thanks Angievere. I did think I had my ""Christmas stock"" of salbutamol inhalers covered but I've been getting through them so quickly I better I'll ask for another. I'll see what the doctor says about a short course of pred when I see her on thursday.


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