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After being really rather poorly over the Christmas period I'm seriously considering getting a medical ID incase I become ill when my fiancé isn't around. I've had a look around on the internet and also previous posts in these forums and I feel a bit spoilt for choice. Is it better to have a necklace or a bracelet? I love jewellery so I'm quite drawn to the pretty one's but will they be spotted as easily? Is it worth paying the extra for the ones (like medic-alert) where you can register your medical details so they can be obtained from a 24hr emergency phoneline. Does anyone have any suggestions for reasonably priced medical ids?

Sorry about all the questions recently, I'll try to have more answers than questions in 2011! =) Happy new year everyone!

Thanks again!

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I find braclets better as when the medics go take your pulse they see it... and dont fancy some strange person looking down my top for necklace.... I use and love there selection yes more expensive but I say if you have to wear something everyday make it nice looking and I have a few braclets and one tag so change them around!


medical ids are a very good idea and anyone with a long term condition should have one. i would go with medic alert if i was you as i have and they are very good, i am getting mine for free, as if you can show them proof of benefits or low income they will sponser it for you which is ideal for me as i cant afford one myself, they have a nice range from basic to some preety ones and some expensive, I would never suggest getting one of ebay as i got a necklace one off there and all the paint rubbed off on me.

Go for a braclet as they are more easy noticable


I spent ages pondering this question, but in the end I signed up with medic alert. This has given me confidence that in the event of a car accident or me being ill away from home etc I would at least have my details on me. I went for a necklace in the end as I work for the NHS and for the purposes of infection control we are supposed to be ""bare below the elbows"" but I think I would have preferred a bracelet. There are some really pretty ones out there, but make sure that it is obvious enough to be identified as medical and not just jewellery.

Happy New Year & Best Wishes


I think they're a great idea but I've just had a search around.

Even the 'cheap' ones are expensive.


I have a sos talisman expandable bracelet thats really good and wont fall off x


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