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Anyone find pain makes their breathing worse

I've just had to get out of bed as I can't sleep. I've had back problems on and off for over 8 years (I hurt it in my teens on a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition and its never really been right since...they said the fresh air and exercise would be good for me, haha!) anyway I've overdone it a bit today and I'm now suffering the consequences in the form of lower back pain. I've also had some breathing problems, nothing that the Ventolin doesn't fix but wondered if anyone else's asthma was worse in times of pain? It's not something I've paid attention to before mainly as my asthma diagnosis is new so I guess it could be coincidence as I do get nocturnal asthma a lot.

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I don't really find pain makes my asthma worse, but when my asthma is worse I get more migraines. Also I find when one thing acts up, everything I've got acts up (asthma, heart, migraines).

So could be...sorry to hear you're having a crummy night.


Sorry to hear that you had a bad night, it is the pits!

But haveing breathing difficulty when in pain is quite common. If you are taken in to hospital, for example, with a bad broken leg, they will more than likely give the person o2.

Hope this helps



Oh yes! i get migranes too and then my ribs ache then i start wheezing and then i have that annoying cough come in. it's the ache's and pains that make my flare up a hundred times worse!

its the pain that keeps me up a night too!


for the girls

I find that my asthma is always worse when I am having period pains. To be honest that is when i have the biggest problems breathing! if on my bed with terrible stumock and lower back pains then it is more that likely i will also be having trouble breathing. does anyone else get this??


i don't tend to get that, but i noticed the rib ache travels to my lower back though this is due to my night time hyperventilation habit though i often wake up with my arms squeezed together towards my ribs i think that is what is causing my lower back ache!


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