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I use standard inhalers as well as turbo and disk halers. I always have to ensure I carry my standard inhalers though. I bought my first inhaler cover from PUFFAPOUCH about 18 months ago and I loved it. I now have four with two more on order. They are great and means I know my inhaler is protected and I always know I have one with me. I am not the most organised of people (LOL) but the puffapouches make it really easy to find my inhaler when I need it! The puffapouches are good value but they are currently doing a free offer on a ""true blue"" you just have to pay £2 for P&P. I would check it out - they come in different colours to look at.

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They are a good company. I ordered 3 for my daughter and nephew. The order never came I sent an email asking re delivery. They immediately dispatched a new order saying if the original order came to give them away . I was impressed by this


looked on

they look great, though did not see any special offers on them.

at the moment we carry all little nutters meds in a bag since we have inhaler along with spacer, epi pen, antihisthamine etc so easyer to have it all together. But the puffapouch could be useful when he is a bit older.

he is due to start school after the holidays, his nursery kept all his meds in a clear zippy bag along with his asthma plan, not sure what would be best for school, will have to discuss this with them I think, not sure if it would be easyer to have them in a bag or in a similar set up to nursery.



The true blue offer only appears at checkout. Not available on the other colours.


Thanks Sky - just waiting for mine to arrive!


They look great, shame I use an 'easi-breathe' which are much bigger and won't fit ;-(


some pharmacys sell them and supermarkets and that way you dont have to pay postage and packaging. i got mine at sainsburys.

Jess x



If you buy one order them from the puffapouch site as others sell them but charge you twice as much and a hevty postage and packing. So you end up paying about £11 as they send by ?recorded delivery. The puffpouch site don't charge postage so you only pay for the covers, though must admit not seen them in local sains or pharmacies, will have a look - but you might find they only keep it in selected stores.




i have 2 puffapouches, 1 i use to keep my inhaler attached to my bouyancy aid when kayaking!!

i say it has its own little wetsuit, i have recomended them to many paddlers.

george xx


I now have five!

Old tatty blue one

New blue one arrived today

Shocking pink one

Black one - for St John Amb work

Another black one that I have customised with a beak, wings, head feathers to look like a rockhopper penguin!


I think these are great but too big for the Ivax Salamol which is standard as a reliever locally. Putting the smaller inhalers in means the neoprene hugs the canister rather than the inhaler meaning you can't breathe in through the things. Now the blue ones are free I might pick some more up and try my sewing skills on shortening them


Come and have a look at

This is my website and at the moment I only have inhaler cases but tomorrow is the day of testing for my spacer bags. The inhaler cases can hold any style inhaler and they go on a belt so are with you at all times. They are machine washable as well.

The spacer bags are designed for the areo-chamber spacer but because they have elasticated sides and bottom you can also fit the old style volumatic spacer in the bag separated. I am also at present in the process of design medication bags for all medication to go in and for families who have more than 2 people on meds so you can have all the medication together in one day for easier transport and they all padded as well.

I also intend in the near future to do other medication cases, bags or coverings but I am willing to take orders and requests.

I started this website because I sick and tired of the state of my son's inhaler and spacer at school and they stored them in a plastic wallet inside a plastic bag so the inhaler and stuff was easily mixed up.


Asthmafamily ,

love your cool cases xxx


Thank you Glynis. This is the second really nice comment I have had about the site that I feel is said from the bottom of the heart. I am smiling for the first time in days. Thank you once again Glynis


Got spacer bags on the site now. Pictures aren't on with the description yet as bags are not 100% complete but wont be long before they are complete. Website has also had a face-lift and is a lot more brighter instead of being a dull grey for the background


Dear Asthma Family,

I have had a look and your website looks great. I need covers for my other inhalers and spacers so thank you!



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