Greasy hair = less wheeze!

This caught my eye in New Scientist last week:

Apparently the oils in greasy hair have been shown to absorb around seven times more ozone than clean hair, making the ozone concentration around the head substantially lower. Since ground level ozone has been implicated in triggering asthma symptoms, washing your hair may actually be worsening your asthma!

So come on everyone, throw away your shampoo and cultivate a nice greasy head of hair... it'll have the added bonus that you won't catch colds, either, because no-one will come near you!

Em H

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  • This made me giggle!

  • *goes to throw away shampoo*


  • *decides to keep hold of shampoo*- I cant imagine not washing my hair after having gone riding- eurgh :P


  • Shall I try to re-grow mine now then!


  • But after reading that Emski who wants to wash hair? Never mind horses :P

  • Yes, I saw that in NS last week, but did you read the rest of the article....

    it was found that unwashed samples of hair produced more secondary reaction producst such as a respiratory irritant 4-oxopentanal because of the Ozone reacting with the hair oil.


  • Oh Kate, you're making me go all indecisive now.

    WIll have to ask a friend if I should re-grow it or let it all fall out naturally.

    Sucks end of pen whilst thinking. Is that environmentally friendly too?



  • Often when I am in my hair does not get washed for weeks, by the time we reach the 2nd week it has sorted its self out and is not greasy at all. There is a period at about 7 days when it looks and feels dreadful. Mummy plaits it for me then so I don't have to worry about it. The only thing it losses is its ""goldenness"" it becomes more dull but maybe I should try leaving it longer and see if that sorts itself too:)

  • Shampoo awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!

  • meh i dont think you will catch me not washing my hair- im borderline OCD with my cleanliness obsession *hides*

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