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Peak flow charts

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I can download some blank peak flow charts to print off? I've seen plenty of bits of software that you can fill in on your computer but I really just want the old fashioned ones that you fill out with a pen!

I've been referred to RBH and I suspect they are going to want to see some peak flow charts, and I'm a bit slack about filling them out as a general rule, so I'm trying to get my act together!


Em H

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asthma patient uk do one


asthma assistant do one as well I think. you can also enter your am and pm readings in and it will print the chart for you as well.


You can send for a diary from Asthma UK, free of charge :

Don't know how quickly it arrives or how quickly you need it though!


...are just a few more links containing various PEFR charts to print off.


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