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Advice please

After weeks of being on steroids my peak flow is starting to return to normal. In the past usually this means I can get back to normal. This time though, even trying to do small things eg making bed and putting a washing on Im out of breath and coughing. Over the last few months my sypmtoms have been persistent and Im never really symptom free but finding it frustrating as still off work and unable to do much. My own Gp mentioned brittle asthma but I realise this is a specific diagnosis. Started seeing consultant at hosp last year and due back next week. When I have seen them in the past for me my asthma has been well behaved. Was hoping that by now I would be back to normal and be getting back to work but if I can't manage day to day things know I would be struggling at work. Just looking for advice on what I should be asking cons when I go as I don't like causing a fuss or seen to be dramatic and all they have done so far is inc doses of meds.

Is there anything else I can be asking for?

Sorry for ranting-again!

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Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling rotten - sometimes it can take longer than other times to see results and this is not a good time of year for us! Peak flows sometimes don't correlate very well with how we are feeling.

I would explain how you are feeling and that things are taking longer than usual to improve when you go and see your consultant. I know what you are saying about not wanting to make a fuss, but unless he has all the information, he can't make the appropriate treatment decisions. It might be worth asking for lung function tests, if you don't have them routinely at OPAs, as they can sometimes be more revealing than a simple peak flow.

Is your consultant a general respiratory consultant or one with an interest in difficult asthma? If he is a general consultant, it might be worth asking for a referral to a tertiary referral centre (specialist unit for difficult asthma) such as Heartlands in Birmingham or the Brompton in London, especially if a diagnosis of brittle asthma is being considered. These units often have access to tests and investigations that standard units don't, and are also familiar with some of the more unusual treatments used for difficult asthma.

I do hope things improve for you; let us know how you get on

Em H


Thank You

Thanks for the advice. This forum really helps sooo much. Just to see that others are going through the same things (although it would bebetter if they weren't) helps.


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