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Working after asthma attack

Hi I am new to all this! I have had asthma since childhood and last night had the worst attack I have ever had as my asthma is usually very well controlled. I had a flare up in February after a cold which I needed steroid tablets and antibiotics for but it never really got back under control. Yesterday my preventers and relievers had no effect on it and my husband took me to the hospital last night as I couldn't talk (which is VERY unusual for me!!). Having come home with more steroids and antibiotics I am feeling really shaken up by the whole experience. I work as a teaching assistant in an infant school but I am not sure if it is a good idea to return to work or not yet. I love my job but the little darlings are great at sharing their germs!!!

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Goodness, I'm sorry that you had such an unpleasant time of it.

I personally try to make it into work as much as possible because my asthma has a hefty dose of psychological triggers. Going to work and doing something and being with my workmates whom I am friends with gives me an emotional boost that helps more than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and I've made sure that my workmates have a fairly good understanding of my asthma so they know not to ask me to work in the dustier areas or do too much heavy lifting when I'm sub-par.

Children (for all that their strengths) are little germ harbourers though and if you're struggling at the moment then you don't need to be exposed to anything that will put your system under any more stress than it already is. Is there any way you could get to go to work, but do something like organising files or similar that gets you out of the house and working, but away from the kids?

You know better than any of us how you feel so it's a case of weighing up the boost to your mood and possible health that cameraderie and normality will give you over the additional irritants and risks that children's germs, dust, the lingering fumes of cleaning products that might be lurking at school.


magircal mum,

I work in a school also and yes best place for gearms so spread.

It can take a while get over a attack and get your strength back,go with how you feel,and go back when feel stronger and inflamation gone x

good luck Glynis xxx


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