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Duke of edingburgh award

i did this really good programme called the D of E programme which can get you 100 points to university its hard work but well worth it you can ask your local council or google it where you can do it there are three levels of it.

BRONZE - level 1 - lasts 6 months

SILVER - Level 2 - lasts 6 - 12 months

GOLD - Level 3 - lats 12 months

but are all recognised qualifications and can really help you get good CV and your boss will know the qualification if you go for an interview.

message me if you want to find out more.


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I really wanted to do this, and my friend tried for ages to pursuade me. But then my other/better half made me think - what if i have an attack in the middle of nowhere? It is vary rare that i seem to respond to inhalers, and usually need a neb or two, if not more. And this would be very likely to happen. I know there are asthamtics that do it, and that there are medics on stand-by, but some of us just can't do it.



I did both bronze and silver, it was a struggle and lungs took a bashing but it was well worth it and they can help you as they did me by taking my bag for me so tat i can continue with the expidition - which i did and passed!!!

You dont have to just walk you can canoe, ride, horse ride there are loadsa different choices - oh and the memories you have form d of e will last a life time - like getting lost for 5 hrs in the dark and havng to cross a stream getting very wet in the processs, or findin robin hood and maid marionin the forset ( no joke) or even wacthing your best friend fall face first, pushed by a teacher (accidently) into mud!!

A great laugh and well recomeneded!


I did all 3 of my D of E awards and it was well worth it . If you do it through something like scouting/guiding/school you get loads of support and the physical side of it can be tailored to meet your needs so please don't dismiss it.

If you needs nebs regularly it might be worth buying something like a omron micoair which is so light and portable ideal for expeditions.When i did my Gold final expedition is was in the Cevenne region of France but i had the means to contact leader(i was a venture scout) in an emergency and they were never more than 10 mins away , all my group knew what to do in in an attack as well.

Dof E awards are recognised not just for a short period of time but your lifetime as recently when i applied for a job the employer was impressed with the fact i had completed them and that gave me extras point and im now 34!!!

If im right you can do them up until the age of 25.


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