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burning sensation in lungs

I had a bout of pnuemonia recentlely, but two course of antibiotics managed to sort it out. However since then when i get up in the morning (or if i am very tired in the evening), I get a burning sensation in my lungs. It doesn't feel like heartburn, just feels like my lungs are on fire. Does anyone else get this sort of problem?

Heidi xx

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Burning Lungs

Hello Heidi,

I have had this problem when I walk/exercise especially when it has been cold and the pollution has been bad. I went to see my asthma nurse who put me on singular which as helped so maybe it's worth while going to see your asthma nurse.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply :-)))

What an earth is Singular?? I don't have an asthma nurse - my asthma is managed by my GP and until recently was managed by a consultant at the local hospital (I am a carrier of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency - and I do tend to get chest infections/pnuemonia if I am not careful). I think I will visit the GP and see what they have to say....but thanks for taking the time to reply.



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