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Hi there

Just thought I would say a quick hi to you all.

I was diagnosed with Asthma during a bout of Pnuemonia in January of this year. I was given Ventolin (blue inhaler), which helped for a bit, but even since my recovery I have been having problems and using the inhaler increasingly. I went back to my gp, who said that as long as i was having no more than 6 puffs a day that fine. Anyway, I became increasingly dependent on went back to the docs - not in the mood to be fobbed off this time. He listened to my chest - did my peak flow, and told me that I had to have a Beclazone inhaler (brown one) too. He suspects that the Pnuemonia inflammed my airways that much, they haven't recovered! So I have the brown inhaler for until next spring to hopefully get me through the colder months without too many problems. If I have no more problems in the meantime I will be reviewed next spring. He has also advised me to have a flu jab.

Anyway, thats enough from me for now!

Heidi xxx

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  • Hiya Heidi,

    Welcome to the forum, we are a lovely bunch here tend to have loads of advise for each other and have a good laugh as well.

    Anyways I hope your asthma settles down with the new meds.

    Looking forward to seeing you around on here in the future

    Take care hun

    Giggles xx

  • Pneumonia

    Hi Heidi,

    I've just joined Forum today ( although I've been a member of Asthma UK for a while as my son has Asthma ). I had a very severe chest infection in Feb that lasted 6 wks & several lots of antibiotics etc. I had a Lung scan ( only 6 weeks ago!) & this showed I had fluid on my left lung ( I had no treatment ). I 've also had Tachycardia ( palpitations ) I wonderd if you experienced palpitations while you had the pneumonia?. My chest feels terrible even now, I'm going to do my own peak flow chart for the next 2 weeks.

    Take care


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