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Hi, I've just been given Fostair, I've been on pred 2 weeks, start week 3 tomorrow now down to 20mg. My doc says I'm to take 4 puffs am and pm for a few days then down to 2 puffs am and pm. I'm a little worried as it says max dose 4 puffs daily. I know we have had to give my Son huge doses of seretide before and had no probs but it's a different drug. I just wondered if any one else is on the same dose? My asthma has become severe and difficult after having swine flu last October. My Son who has severe and difficult asthma got swine flu and although very ill at the time seems to be coping better than me. I'd rather it was this way round, I can't bear him being ill, it breaks my heart.It's really weird as my lungs haven't been this bad since I was in my 20's.


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I use fostair, 2 puffs in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m. but can be used in between if needed instead of using ventolin separately. You can take up to 8 puffs a day.


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