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doctors and broncoscopy!

Well after 7 years of fighting to prove my son has astmha and frequent hospital admissions, constant changes in inhalers and medications, asthma diaries, peak flows etc I thought I'd finalyy won the battle when they started puting down asthma on his notes. The hospital still treated us appallingly though. After last admission to hospital where we were treated really bad, I had a rant to my sons heart doctor who said he'd speak to his colleage who is a lung specialist to see if he'd take my son on. We had an appointment monday, when the new consultant agreed the other hospital was incompetent but that he doesn't believe he has asthma or if he does it's not the main problem, and that due to his heart problems he thinks something else is the cause, so now we are back up in the air and my son is booked in for a broncoscopy (camera into the lungs) next thursday!!!!!


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