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Update on treatment so far!

Just thought I'd give an update on my current treatment and ask a question or two of those more used to asthma than me on here............

So, I've been suffering quite bad over the last few weeks as it seems lots of you have been too (my best wishes to anyone having these awful symptons right now) Anyway, at the last count, up to today I've been on Nebuliser 2-4 times daily, Pred's, codeine linctus and Steroid inhaler to try and regain control of my asthma. Saw the clinis nurse (first time) on Wednesday who basically told me that I'm using the inhalers correctly but not alot else! I went to see the doc again this morning, who is a training GP :/ She spent lots of time looking in her medical book on what treatment to offer me next which didn't fill me with masses of confidence.

My concerns were as follows;

When do I stop nebulising? - Now (apparently)

When do I stop Pred's? - Today, without reducing first

What do I do now? - Add in a new inhaler - Salmeterol

Anything else? - go for a chest xray next week and see my own GP next Friday

Have any of you had similar experiences?

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Not sure about your background but thought I'd try and answer a few q's for you.

Stopping pred suddenly is the norm for asthmatics who have been on a course which has lasted under two weeks. So fingers crossed that wont have any problems, tho your lung's might not be too happy - if they get worse go back to your gp and you may have to go back on them.

I'm guessing your under a resp consultant if you've been using nebulisers?

If your/a / training GP has advised you to stop the nebulisers, then don't forget that 10 puffs of your blue inhaler through a spacer should have a similar effect to a nebuliser.

Best of luck with everything



Firstly how did you get a nebuliser for at home? Do you have a respiratory consultant? Who gave you the medication to put in your nebuilser?



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