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Fed up

As some of you may know im a severe asthmatic who has had several admissions to ITU, ive just finished a cours of antibitoics for a chest infection, im only 21 and am fed if being ill i feel like my life is being put on hold and have been finding it difficult to enjoy myself i find the simplest daily task difficult for example walking up stairs, im a die hard chelsea fan and have had to miss games due to admissions. I have a dream to become a Paeds nurse but have already had to go back 6 months due to my health.

Sorry for the Rant


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Just wanted to tell you, i know how you feel, I'm 18 at sixthform college just about to take my A-levels (in a couple of weeks) and my asthma is crazy.. I've also ended up in itu, hdu and on normal wards and a week ago just finished some antibiotics, tho atm I'm feeling quite well touch wood!! I've learn't to limit myself, and to not push myself, something which I'd have never thought about till 2 years ago when my asthma went brittle.

Do you see a difficult asthma consultant? mine is fab, he's been really understanding. I see him about every 4 weeks, and he's always got time for me, which has helped me a great deal.

feel free to pm me if you would like!

hope your feeling a bit brighter, sending you a virtual hug!

ally :)


Rant away and I know how you feel about football. I am rabid Plymouth Argyle fan I hold a season ticket and am vice chair of the disabled supporters association. Have you contacted Chelsea even Argyle have a trained nurse and an emergency Doctor they are all to familier with me, they keep a copy of my protocol etc, they look after me, make me a cup of tea before the match and at half time, they find me places out of the cold and wind to watch the match and the nurse even calls away venues about me so they know what they have incoming. They have dealt with 2 major splatts and know when to step in, they make sure the St John team closest to me are the best and that they know what to do whilst they are running to get to me. If it were not for my 2 unsung heros (most supporters do not know they are there) I would not still be able to attend matches.




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