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First Visit to the respiratory Lab

Just returned from my first visit to the Respiratory Lab having only been diagnosed with ""Probable Asthma"" after a rush to A & E by ambulance and being kept in for a week. As Ive mentioned elsewhere is was all a bit of a shock at 57.

Anyway tests done and the worse bit I think was no meds since last night and the lab being at the far end of the hospital!

Reversibility showed a peak flow jump from 400 to 545 and all other measurements improved after the salbutamol - so final diagnosis I do have asthma and not COPD (would have been a bit of bad luck as Ive never smoked in my life).

Had an appointment with the respiratory nurse at the hospital afterwards and she spend a fair amount of time explaining the results to me and talking me through my meds and how to go forward.

All in all a really good experience and I now feel as if I know what is happening and that I am in control - which is as it should be.

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what a great nurse, do hope you are feeling loads better now and here's hoping the asthma settles.



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