Whooping cough

Whooping cough is in the news again following a report in the BMJ suggesting that despite immunisation, 40% of children visiting GPs with persistent coughs have signs of whooping cough.

It also appears that many GPs are unlikely to consider diagnosing whooping cough in adults who present with persistent coughs. When I had a persistent cough for several months last year, my suggestion that it might be whooping cough was dismissed by my GP as I didn't make a whooping sound after my cough. And so I was diagnosed as asthmatic. This despite the fact that most adults with whooping cough do not make a whooping sound.

I just thought I'd post this, as I see quite a few new people posting on these boards with severe persistent coughs that can be quite distressing, and who, like me, are diagnosed with adult onset asthma.

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  • Just a wee note to say hi rbringwood. Have missed your interesting posts over recent months. Keep posting.

    Take care,


  • Evening rbringwood,

    Heard on a local radio station this evening that 52 people have been diagnosed with whooping cough in Scotland last year. Only 12 of the 52 were infants. Even if the results are scewed by a large margin of error, this would still only represent a very very minor (perhaps insignificant) percentage of the population.

    I don't think whooping cough is the cause of the high level of anecdotal reporting of coughing episodes on the boards. It's more likely to be cough variant asthma triggered by airborne allergens/chemicals.

    Take care,


  • It's interesting, 'cos a few years ago i had whooping cough, despite having had the vaccination. It went on for months, but the symptons were quite different from my asthma although it triggered my asthma, but maybe that's just me.

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