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Wasp allergy

Does anyone know anything about this?

Was stung a few days ago, it came up quite red and swollen initially, put ice on it and the actual site of the sting was just like a spot, but I've had a blotchy red rash below where I was stung ever since. The rash is about 15cm long and half as wide, a long rectangle with the sting on one of the sides.

About half an hour after I was stung I started feeling dizzy, then had a nasty coughing fit which was sorted by ventolin. Needed it again a couple of times during the day. Also had two piriton tablets 4 hours apart. At the time wasn't convinced the asthma and the sting were linked as it didn't come on that quickly, and thought it might have been the weather.

However, I still have the rash which is itchy and if anything now getting worse. Have put sting cream on but doesn't have any effect. Is this an allergic reaction to the sting? What else can I try to get rid of the rash? And do I need to see doctor about wasp allergy possibly triggering asthma? If I was to get stung again could it be worse?

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Best bet is to speak to your GP about it and ask for an RAST test for wasp stings. Then you will know one way or other if you are allergic to wasp stings.



just a thought,

as the sting mark is on the side, not in the moddle of the red patch , could you have got an ice burn from icing the sting?

g xx


Thanks for replies. George don't think so, ice was wrapped and the rash is much wider than the area I iced and blotchy and itchy. I've been advised to try taking antihistamine for a bit longer and see if it clears up so going to try that.


Hi Spookymilo,

That reaction does sound similar to allergic reactions that I've had, especially the dizziness, wheeziness and rash. If the antihistamines are helping, that would seem to support your suspicions that it might be allergic.

My mum has this type of reaction to wasp stings, and has been told that she should carry antihistamines with her in case she gets stung somewhere where swelling might cause problems (e.g. face, neck).

I agree that asking your doctor for a RAST test might be advisable. I don't know if you carry antihistamines anyway, but that might be something useful to add to your handbag essentials in the meantime, especially at this time of year when all the wasps/bees are getting drowsy and a bit bad-tempered.


Thanks Wishes. Took 3 days of cetirizine rather than piriton and it cleared up the rash. There are still wasps hanging around though so bit concerned about another sting. Will definitely put my cetirizine in my handbag just in case. Also bit worried that the reaction could be worse if stung again within a short time.


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