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Safe to take Seretide and ventolin?

I'm hoping that this isn't too much like asking for medical advice but, apart from waiting hours for nhs direct to call me back, this seems the most sensible place to ask.

My 7yo has been put on Seretide (low dose, the pale purple one:~/) but has come in from a very long bike ride on top of a very busy day with her typical asthmatic dry cough. I've given her two puffs of her ventolin to settle her chest which has worked well as always but I'm aware that Seretide has a long acting reliever in it and I'm not sure if we're supposed to take the two if the need presents itself. Logically, if she needs the extra help then she needs it. But I''m not completely sure.

Can anyone tell me?


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So long as you have not been advised against it by your GP you can take ventolin and seretide, many of us use a long acting bronchodilator and take releivers too. Don't forget that if the ventolin does not work or if she is getting no better to seek advice.



Thanks Bex.

I couldn't see the sense in not giving her the ventolin but I hadn't been given any advice by the gp one way or the other and it felt like I was taking a bit of a chance. She seem fine now though. Touch wood.



i also take both ventolin and seretide on a regular basis, it is fairly effective and i have no sode effects.


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