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Perennial Allergic Rhinitis

Hi Everyone

Not sure whether to post this on the Medical board or the Parents and Carers one so may do both if that's allowed.

My 7yo daughter was diagnosed with asthma around last September time (2006) and we don't generally find her asthma too much trouble. We had repeated visits to our doctors recently about headaches she'd been having. You know the kind of thing where it takes at least 3 consults to get heard:~/ The night before our consult I threw some of her symptoms into google and learnt about Perennial Allergic Rhinitis. The symtoms list on the websites fit her to a T. At the next consult I asked the doctor if he agreed that this fit my daughters state of health. He did and we are now taking some medicine that does, effectively, nothing to ease her symptoms. In all honestly, it wasn't until I spoke with an Asthma nurse that I knew asthma and rhinitis go hand in hand. I have another appointment to see the asthma nurse at our surgery tomorrow and I'm hopeful that she will listen and prescribe something more helpful.

If anyone else on list suffers, or has a child who suffers, I've very much like the opportunity to chat about it off list. We are struggling to cope some days because her quality of life is so poor and it's breaking my heart to see her so miserable.

Many thanks for reading this far.


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Hi Jacqui,

just a thought but have you looked at anti-allergy measures rather than more medication? TBH I havent found any medication that has been able to eliminate symptoms. i take nasal steroids and anti-histamines on top of the range of asthma meds inc daily pred, but still pop pain killers regularly for sinus pain and can't remember the last time i could smell anything! i know allergy testing is hard to get, but you could try asking. But there are general anti-allergy measures against common triggers that might be worth trying, like anit-allergy bedding, damp dusting, washing bed linen twice a week at high temp, not drying clothes outside etc. the first thing they'll ask is whether you have pets! Oh, and if anyone smokes. I got rid of lawn last year and am saving up to get carpets replaced by hard flooring this year to see if this will make a difference.

hope this helps



Hi Jaqcui - I have asthma, eczema and perenial allergic rhinitis, and, like your daughter, my asthma hasn't troubled me hugely. The allergic rhinitis is something I live with every day, and now that I'm approaching 30, it has become such a part of my life that I barely think about it now.

Seeing your message made me want to get in touch, because I was pretty miserable with the symptoms as a child, and it took a long time to work out what I had. Feel free to message me.

Spaniel xx


I've suffered from constant rhinitis for the last 11 years - having persuaded the doc to permanently prescribe a steroid nasal spray has provided a certain degree of relief for the last few years, but after a particularly nasty illness a couple of months back, it hasn't kicked into life, not to mention the charming polyp that has just developed inside my left nostril! It took me several attempts to find any spray that was remotely effective (and one type even set my asthma off, causing horrible wheezing!) and I find it extremely difficult to find any medics who are willing to listen to me. The most common answer is ""steam inhalation"" which I have tried on repeated occasions and have found about as helpful as licking the hamster (I mean that literally, although that does sound a bit euphemistic!).

It definitely hasn't aided my quality of life - I get frustrated with people permanently asking me if I have a cold, probably keep tissue companies in business (got through a whole box of 150 on Sunday!), and find it socially ostracising as I have to keep blowing the mucus mound out of my nose. S'not pleasant!

Good luck in finding a solution! And let me know if you do!!!



I have had perennial allergic rhinitis my whole life (im 17 now), i got asthma in my early teens. I honestly can not remember the last time i could breather freely through both my nostrils at the same time ( I have both, year round and seasonal allergies). I take a steroid nasal spray, it doesn't really do me much, but it helps a little according to my doctor because its less swollen when i take it. Its called Rhinocort. I guess it works pretty much the same way as a preventer, but in the nose. I hope both you and your daughter are well.

Hope this helps

take care


'Perennial Allergic Rhinitis'

Hi jacquimac,

Looking through posts I found your one and wondered how your daughter is getting on? I am having yet another attempt to free myself from my own rhinitis, which I have now for about 30 years!!!



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