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time off work

hi folks, am I the only one who gets confussed by asthma, I mean, when I'm not well I struggle to make clear decisions.

I so badly want to take time off work, but as I can still stand up, I will be there at 8.30 tomottow, and will shift tables, clean surfaces, serve customers, and generally give an impression that I'm coping

but actually I feel terrible, and wish I could take a week off, I know a few days off would leave me feeling a whole lot better

I also worry that working through coughs in the winter is causeing further damage to my breathing system - is there any evidence for this?

It leaves me feeling hard done by, when I hear people taking a couple of weeks off with 'flu', when I dare not take more than a day off with asthma, and have strggeled through most of the winter feeling grim

I would just love to meet a GP who realised how ill I feel!

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My job involves working with people who are ill, have been ill, those who are disabled, and those who are coming back to work following illness or accidents. The advice I give staff is that if you are ill, you should not come to work. However, I know that there are varying degrees of being 'ill' and some people's definition of ill is very different to others'.

You sound liek the sort of person who likes working, and are not the kind who takes a lot of time off sick - which employers love. However, if you collapse at work, and have to be taken in by ambulance, its not great for business.

Most companies will allow you to have several days off without a doctor's certificate, and if you are too ill work effectively, then you should book sick. Running yourself into the ground will do you no good in the long term.

You say you 'dare not' book more than a day off due to asthma, but why dare you not?


Hi I am new to this board, I also hate taking time from work, I work for the NHS who are very understanding to my asthma. I had to take Friday off as I had a chest infection and had the week-end to rest up, because we live with this condition we think we should be able to carry on. it is better to have a few days away from work than end up being admitted to hospital and having to take weeks to recover this happened to me last year. Our bodies tell us to slow down or when it's had enough we should listen.


You're certainly not the only one who gets confused. If my chest is bad on my way home from work (or even during the afternoon) & I know I've nothing quick & easy at home for my tea then I'll go in the Sainsbury's I pass to get myself something. It's only a tiny one & I'm a veggie, which further limits the choice, but I can spend half an hour in there, struggling with what to buy (although I can tell you now that it'll be one of three options!) & feeling a bit lost!


I so relate to what you say here mp

""the week-end to rest up""

I do that every weekend, and every evening, and wonder why I haven't got any friends!

actually I do have a few really good friends, but I can't keep up, and sadly loose touch with

people who don't understand that I can't meet up.

and sha76, that's so me, aswell - 'I can spend half an hour in there, struggling with what to buy', I once got scared as my chest was painful, anyway I couldn't do my college assignment because I felt grotty, so went to the NHS drop in to check why my chest hurt, the Nurse kindly explained it was 'stress', the next day I was a little clearer and on reading the paper realised many people had been struggling with the air quality. I spend whole days conffused.


cheers Spaniel

thanks for your thoughtful reply Spaniel,

I can keep standing, and keep on standing, no one seems to notice I feel half gone.

it's a trick I learnt as a kid, so doubt I'll give them any trouble at work. In my old job I got to the point of seeing squiffy, and still did my job.

I just end up feeling hurt and bitter, because lifes so unfair and so hard sometimes.

I don't know the answer to why I don't take time off, think it's partly because I can't judge

how fit, or unfit I am. And partly because everyone seems to think I'm making it up when I say I need a break. Shame you don't get spots with asthma, then it would be obvious - 'of course, I can see, you've got those tell tale asthma spots, take a couple of days off.'


That's ok, no problem.

I do know what you mean though. Having a 'hidden' illness means its difficult to explain to people, and because you do have to explain it, because it isn't obvious to them.

But, anyway. Are you having a few days off, or what?!!


so far the antibiotics have worked, so no days off yet, has been great being so frank with you.


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