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Fostair - anyone using this?


I am currently taking Symbicort 200/6 - 8 puffs a day and Spiriva dry 18mcg which has given me pretty good control since I started the spiriva. I have had a flare up for no apparent reason which has not settled despite a short course of Pred. Due to see consultant in October but in the meantime am seeing my GP tomorrow and wondered about trying a different combination inhaler. I did try seretide but that was no good so that leaves fostair. Anyone out there got experience of using this? Or any other suggestions I could try on my GP?


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Fostair is only available in one dose 100/6 I think, I really liked it but that dose wasn't enough to control my asthma


Hi Anguilla,

Just a thought, have you considered separate inhalers? If you get on with symbicort, maybe try formoterol and budesonide separately (same ingredients) then they can tweak the doses better and add more budesonide for control, they can even add on qvar if necessary to that regime (I'm on those three + spiriva) not sure your GP can do this but maybe worth considering for your consultants appointment. I know combination inhalers are supposed to be the way forward but i find separates best. Good luck.


personally i have found fostair really useful and it has led to a lot better controlled asthma than before i was on it. the only problem is in a bad spell (under docs orders) i have to take 8 puffs a day which means it can run out quite fast. i would seriously recommend trying it though.

also its pink which is fun...;)

Jen x


Thanks for your replies. Saw GP yesterday and he didn't want to look at my inhalers or give me steroids because I wasn't wheezy. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - I dont get very wheezy, I cough! He has put me on Accolate instead which I am not terribly happy about but will wait until I see my lovely consultant to explore the other options. Fingers crossed.


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