Faulty Symbicort inhalers

Has anyone out there who uses Symbicort ever come across a defective inhaler? I have been on this for a couple of years in varying doses. I started a new inhaler last week and wasn't convinced it was ""clicking"" right. I used it for a day or so and my asthma started to deteriorate. I changed to another new inhaler (I get them two at a time!) and started to improve again so I assume the first inhaler was faulty. I took it back to the chemist and they swapped it but I just wondered how common this is.



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  • I don't like dry powder inhalers, for reasons take a look at the ""Inhalers and Sport thread"" in the General Forum. I think your question applies to all tubrohalers rather than just Symbicort as the mechanical engineering is the same.

    I've tried to avoid dry powder inhalers as I lead a pretty damp lifestyle. I've not experienced a turbohaler that didn't seem to work out of the box, but I have experienced some that seemed to stop working about 1/2 through their lifecycle. What I really don;t like about the turbohaler is you don;t know then it works / ie it's failure mode is difficult to detect and test. This is a problem that does not seem to be properly recognised.

    I've recently read Ben Goldacre's book ""Bad Science"" and there was a bit about reporting side effects. I think it there is supposed to be a ""yellow card"" system in place but I have no idea how to access it . Does it apply just to pharmacology or are mechanical devices or even treatment policies included?

  • On a slightly similar note, I had a salbutamol inhaler that was and easy breathe one and when it was getting near the end (definately not finished) it started fizzing when I used it, the first couple of times I assumed it was just coz I was tired so itfelt wierd but then I took it out of my mouth straight after breathing and there were still bits spraying. Did I do something wrong with it or did it just break?

  • I have been using a Symbicort turbohaler for about 5 or 6 years and have never had a problem with one not working. I do think everyone has a preference for different types of inhalers and the turbohaler is my favourite!

  • i use a symbicort but havent had any bother, mind you i have them all around the house so rarely get to the end of a one lol

  • I must have just been unfortunate then. Glad it isn't a common problem .


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