asthma or copd

hi all since xmas have seen a big change in my symthoms , afer been in hospital afew weeks ago im still suffering shortness of breath during any exertion tidying up or doing the shopping am stopping and taking inhaler , i am on a lot of meds and inhalers , but am still coughing up gunk , im 45 non smoker and feel like my granny, asked my con was it copd or emphzema would not give me an answer just wondering has anyone encountered this , !!

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  • hi hudson

    ive just had more tests and lung reversable test and given salbutamol and did nothing after to help my breathing or alter inprove the test,got go see con soon might have copd but just got wait find out xxxx

  • asthma or copd

    im not back for 2 months but going to gp tonite really worried that im coughn so much im on sertide, spriva , philoicontin, alveso , fliuitide, and nebs , seems the cougfhn gets worse after eating ,

  • hi Hudson 2332

    hope you go on ok at the docs keep me posted. love Glynis xxxx

  • costant coughing

    cheers ill more than likely come back with pred whats new there xx

  • asthma or copd

    hi all yea pred and antibiotics said i was lucky i went over weese and crackles in the lung so i ve learned something from this site go to doc or hospital when unwell i used to leave it till i was an ambulance job !!

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