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costant coughing

i have come out of hospital on steroids after an eppisode involing shortness of breath and coughing chest x ray clear but here i am after high intrvnious steroids and oral steroids i coughing for ireland again and just doont no what to do , how can a chest x rey be clear when your coughn up all this gunk , really at wits end and dont feel any better after 5 nt stay in hos??

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hi Hudson 2332

I know how you feel Im the same.

try put books under bed so up at head so no stiff neck like pillows and take as much stuff as you can to help.

I try mints and also cough linctus to stop the inflamasion as end up in hosp as get to bad.

I cough and make my self sick and eyes stream.

coughing for England as cart have meds till tests later.

Hope you soon settle down a bit and even try ice polls.

lol Glynis xxxx

ps-there are lots of messages on the boards about coughing and few by me and lots of relpys you might find helpfull xxx


When i came out of hospital a while ago i still had a cough. So after a few days i went back to the GP who put me back on steroids and back on the nebs. As i came out of hospital on the 7th Jan and only last week the cough stopped and i am begining to feel better. Still not been officially diagnosed with asthma even though my GP says i have got it. His only advice was an asthma attack can take up to three months to clear i just had to rest and be patient.

Take care

H Mama


Oh i forgot 3 Xrays clear as well for me. But CT Scan showed mild Bronchiectasis.

take care

H Mama


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