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asthma and diabeties

hi just wondering are asmathics prone to this we have diabeties in the family and lately i have been getting blured vision thirst and going to the loo a lot not asking for medical advice as i have an apointment with gp next week but have been a long time steroid user and am getting a bit concerned only thing i havent lost weight so maybe jumping the gun are we prone to this with the amount of steroids we take in any thoughts would be great tanks a mil !!

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i have asthma and diabetes which is steroid induced... so yes the steroids can cause diabetes. I hope your GP appointmet goes ok!! good luck! x


when you all mention diabetes, do you mean insulin dependant?

Lizzie xxx


Someone who had steroid-induced diabetes would have ""type 2"" diabetes. This means that the body produces less insulin, or has reduced sensitivity to insulin. However, someone with ""type 1"" diabetes will produce no insulin at all, and WILL be dependant on injectable insulin for life. Generally speaking, someone can develop type two diabetes (through long-term,very high dose steroid use, obesity, sedentary lifestyle etc), whilst type one diabetes will almost certianly be present from birth. Type two diabetes can also need to use insulin in time if their control is poor, but generally speaking many can be managed with diet and exercise, or occassionally oral tablets.

Some symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, frequent need to urinate, smelly urine, and episodes of feeling light headed and dizzy/shakey. Blurred vision can occur, but this is more usually a symptom of retinopathy (a complication associated with chronic diabetes). If anyone experiences any unusual symptoms of any kind, they should see a doctor :)

Hope this doesn't sound like medical advice, certianly not meant to be medical advice - just some of what I can remember off the top of my head that may answer some questions :)

Emz x

P.S. I am NOT a medical professional (yet!) and the above may not be correct, please see a doc if worried!



thanks a mil for all the replys i am wishing my apointment was sooner but having been on long term pred for so long as we all no so many complications so ill just have to wait and see what he says cheers guys


I had all the usual symptoms of diabetes (thirst, pee a lot, dizzy etc.) and went to my GP and did some blood tests. However apparently he said that my symptoms were imaginary and that there was nothing wrong with me. sure enough as soon as he told me that it was my imagination (i was really upset about him saying it) my symptoms disappeared!

I am not saying this is the case for other people, it was just a note that when you worry so much about having somehting, sometimes your body reacts to it and gives you more symptoms that are in your mind.

Like i said i am not saying that is what your going through, just that worrying and stressing can make it worse when you might have nothing to worry about!

However a visit to your GP is the best thing to do :)

Lizzie xxx


im insulin dependant cuz my pancreaus has stopped making insulin so i have about 5 injections aday


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