sorry about the spelling , having one done in the morning and not looking forward to it . forgive me please im just letting off steam , at the mo . the strang thing is im felling well at the mo since my last apointment at the hospita;l peak flows are up . but you all no the story if i dont go then as sure as anything i,ll end up in ane next week .

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  • Hope you go on ok,MP me how you go on as will also be having it done xxx

  • this should explain everything

  • bronkosaphy

    well get the imfamous bronk and am no wiser it didt show anythnig up , in fact the doc said my lungs where that of someone with mild asthma , tell that to a woman on 4 steroid inhalers and tabs to keep me going i nearly hit him sorry for the term but come on mild asthma if i was so mild why on earth cant they control it what a waste of time that was am no wiser at all.

  • Hello

    Thats good news isnt it really?

    Doesnt answer any questions though.

    Have you had a ct scan?

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