Pneumonia Vaccine

Hi all

My asthma nurse has just offered me the Pneumonia Vaccine but I have a real fear of needles. I really think I should have it done though. My Husband and I have put trying for a baby on hold as I have had lots of bad chest infections, have been on and off steroids and have had to have a few x rays. I think if I do have this vaccine my trouble maybe over and we can start trying for a baby again. (Also I do realise that I will have to have needles when pregnant haha!)

Has anyone else had it?

What are everyone's thoughts?

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  • I've had it (a few years ago) and it was fine. The only vaccine that really affected me was the Swine flu jab - son and I were poorly for days afterwards and I'm sure it was caused by the vaccine. Son has had a reaction to a few immunisations (including flu jab one year) but nothing serious.

    I hate needles too, probably because I've had so many injections etc over the years. But the jab is over in seconds - I always look away and try to relax.

  • Thank you for the reassurance, I think I will book the jab soon. I will find out when my Mum is free so she can come with me (she gets all the good jobs lol). My Dad and Nan both had bad reactions to the flu jab and one of our family friends is a biochemist and said to stay away from the swine flu jab so I did. xxx

  • I have booked it! I am going on the 2nd Sept, I am so frightened xxx

  • Matty had it last year when he was 9, didn't flinch but he's very brave. I will probably have it this year after my disastrous asthma year. x

  • Hi

    Rach, well done get it done then its finished with.

    yeah, ive avoided it at the moment but i think when they finally sort me out (pigs might fly).

    I'll have to have it done, nurse at surgery keeps asking me. Is the swine flu jab still worth having? I had flu jab and arm came up and was really painful, i couldnt lay on that side for about 4 days. But it still better to be protected.


  • Yeah you should get it done too. Lots better than getting it. I didn't get the swine flu one done cos I heard lots of bad things about it not being tested thoroughly. I wish they could give vaccinations orally lol x x x

  • i heard bad things about the swine flu thats why i kept a bit of a low profile at gps. But i do need pneumonia jab, but want to get asthma under better control. Some vaccines they give orally, just not the ones we need lol.


  • I had the pneumonia jab a few years ago and it was fine, I think it lasts 5 years too. I always have flu jab no problems and had swine flu jab cos I work in a residential college and staff and students were going down with it, some really ill. I never had any reaction to the swine flu jab either.

    I believe if you have an allergy to eggs some vaccines are a problem...


  • dont do it.

    im about 99% sure the swine flu jab made my asthma just drastically deteriorate! Think about long term problems and not the short term with everything.

    I asked my gp today and he said they have not heard anyone else with issues with this vaccine - but then not everyone is the same! investigate on the net first dont to what did and have the swine flu jab then get very very very sick and then spend months regretting taking it.

  • I asked the asthma nurse lots of questions about it and she said that she has given this jab over 1000 times and only 2 people have had a bad reaction and all it was was a flu like symptom for 1 week and then they were fine. I have a fantastic relationship with my asthma nurse so I know she's not lying. But yeah the swine flu jab was sent out to surgeries far to quickly, it had trouble written all over it xxx

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