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Hi all

I am 23 and have asthma, it is getting worse each year and I have at least 4 chest infections a year at the moment. I am just getting over one now and I have been really ill to the point where I have lost about 8 pounds (I am underweight as it is), I have had 5 days off work and I have been coughing up phloem constantly. I have loads of allergies too including pollen, animal hair, feathers and smoke. I also have IBS, irritable bladder, anxiety and depression. My asthma is making all of my other illnesses a lot worse. My husband and I started trying for a baby but this has also had to be put on hold as I keep getting ill.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good private asthma specialist as I want to get this sorted once and for all. I live in Hampshire so I would be looking for something in a 30 mile radius ideally but would be willing to travel if needs be. The NHS are fine but I don't want to be on waiting lists and see a different person everytime, I just want to get my life back.

Looking forward to hearing all of your suggestions.

Best Wishes



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I'm afraid I can't help on the specialist front, but good luck and I hope you get sorted. Sounds like your having a rough time. xxx


Thank you :-) xxx


I was also at wits end with my asthma however when we looked into it the private option wasn't necessarily the best.

There are a number of tertiary referral units which special in difficult asthma and the referrals are usually to some of the best asthma dr's in the UK and the waiting times are normally very quick. However your only normally referred to these if a local consultant has tried all other treatment or there are other special circumstances.

You don't mention whether or not your seen by a hospital consultant, if you are then ask them about the above and if not your first port of call would be getting access to one (via your GP). They know a lot more about asthma, especially the more severe end and have a lot more treatment options.

Hope that helps



Thank you. I will go and see my GP in the next couple of weeks and see if I can get a quick referral xx


I have just had my first appointment (nhs) with the specialist at Southampton. From referral to appointment was around 3 weeks so can't grumble!


Brilliant! 3 weeks isn't long at all :-)

What sort of things have they asked you and tested for if you don't mind me asking.



Am I able to send you a private message/ email? (not sure if you have to accept to receive PM's im new to this) and I can give some more details, try and answer any questions you may have.


ok no worries. I have sent you a PM


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