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Not sure what to do next

I have had 3 chest infections now in the past 4/5 weeks! I have been to the doctors and 3 gps have told me that 'it's just one of those things.'

I have had to go to Minor Injuries twice now as my chest has played up in the evening, I was greeted by a receptionist who told me 'we are not a gp service', so that was nice, I can't breath and this is what I get!

The nurse I saw the 2nd time at Minor Injuries was brilliant, she said that I could do with a chest X ray and maybe some blood work, she wrote all this down for me to show my GP. She also checked my oxygen, my blood pressure and my chest. When I showed my GP her findings and thoughts he really couldn't care less. He said I didn't need an x ray and that getting chest infections all the time 'is just one of those things'. I was fuming! I insisted I have an X Ray and after about 10 mins of arguing with him he let me have one! I am going to get the results next Monday.

I have been asked to be referred to a private specialist in Surrey who is a Professor who is a specialist in chests and asthma, but no they won't refer me!

I am banging my head against a wall now because I am taking so much time off work and feeling ill all the time :-( Please can I have any thoughts xxx

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Keep going to GP! Ring asthma Uk asthma nurse advice line and they will arm you with information for the doctors!

It is one of those things where even though you are ill you have to keep fighting to get attention do not let them push you away! They do not know how you feel!



I've been like you except no chest infections just brittle asthma so feeling ill all the time and missing work, also got a gp that doesn't give a sh*t, luckily he was off one day when I went to see him so saw a locum who took one look at me and referred me to a specialist, I go next week.I also got an xray done via A+E last week after an ambulance trip.I just kept going back to the gp until I got results. If you have any other health conditions your consultant can refer you. My consultant for another condition was so worried about my health he was going to refer me. Have you got anyone who could go to docs with you? I have had to keep my hubby away as I thought he may actually kill my gp!

Good luck x


Hi Rattles

Thank you. I have seen 3 gps now at my surgery but I am seeing a different one on Monday evening, my husband has said he is coming with me and also said we are not leaving until I am referred or diagnosed correctly.

Let me know how your first consultation with your specialist goes and good luck :-)



Good for you Rach for standing up to your GP and getting your X-ray. Have you seen your nurse - they often know a lot more than the GP.


I did see a nurse at the hospital and she was brilliant, may try and see my asthma nurse soon too xxx


Hi, i'm a new user

I know EXACTLY where you are coming from,i was in the same position earlier this year after suffering constant asthma attacks and chest infections like you. I tried the minor injuries unit to help me but they said they could'nt help me unless i was having an asthma attack. If you are getting chest infections your asthma isn't controlled properly, go back and insist they treat you. Also explain the situation to asthma uk help line, they helped me considerably with advice on choices and getting gp's to play ball. Also stand your ground with dr's, if this doesn't work keep going back thats what i did. They soon get fed up with you and refer you just to get you out of their hair. Another option is get a recommendation from a friend or family for a gp surgery with an attatched asthma clinic run by an asthma nurse. I eventually got referred and believe me it completely changes your life i'm so much better and you can to.

Good luck and go for it, let us know how you get on

all the best



I am fairly new to the Auk site, but the one thing that is becoming more and more apparent both with my own treatment and the way you guys are getting treated. There are so many doctors and nurses that really do not care about asthmatics and they just give us the run around. My asthma is getting worse and i just feel i am constantly fighting to get any sort of decent treatment in my area. I find most days that i am having some sort of problem with my chest and that i am just left to get on and deal with it myself. And the doctors wonder why we all get to upset and angry. Well for those of you in same position as me 'keep fighting'. We deserve better.


hi, i'm a new user,

i had exactly the same problems as you. Stand up to your dr even if you have to keep going back ,this is what i had to do . They got so fed up with me the referred me, but i had gone back for a conforntation (i nearly fell off the chair as i had gone to gp 3 months early and he got very icy and unhelpful) now i feel a lot better than i have been for at least 2 yrs.

Good luck



nose breathing helped me kick constant repeat infections to touch

Hi Rach

I used to catch everything going. I got repeat chest infections and would be out for weeks at a time.

I would struggle to walk more than 20metres at times without a long rest but i fortunately just held off on hospitalisation.

My nose filters 75% of all airborne particles including colds and flus and through my continued practice of Buteyko, i have significantly altered my minute volume (how much i breathe every minute) thus i breathe in and out far less air (thus breathing in far less contagious particles).

nitric oxide is also produced in ones sinuses which is a powerful broncho dilator which is not produced unless you breathe through your nose. Carbon dioxide levels go up which is also is a brochodilator.

I would describe my now 7 year change to a buteyko lifestyle like getting a body upgrade, except i got one that worked this time!

good luck

Buteyko'd my asthma


Thanks for all your tips and support guys, I will keep them all in mind and suggest them all to my doctor xx


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