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A bit confused!

My daughter was diagnosed with asthma last month, she's only 22 months. We saw the asthma nurse last week who said if she gets a cold and it goes to her chest it's possible she may need a course of prednisolone (sp?)

She started with a cold afew days ago and today has been coughing constantly from 12.30pm, I gave her 2 puffs of the blue inhaler, she hasn't had to use it before, but it didn't do anything at all.

Now I'm not sure if this is just a normal cough, or she needs the medication to help her. Now because it's a weekend can't see her own gp. So really just wanted some advice incase I should be taking her to the out of hours gp.

Thanks, Laura

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Hi Sophie's mummy!!

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter hasn't been keeping very well lately. Because she is so young, I reckon the best advice anyone could give you at this stage would be to take her to the out of hours gp as soon as possible if you are under any doubt whatsoever about whether Sophie's cough is normal or is perhaps a sign of her asthma not being under control. It is always better to go too soon and have her checked out than leaving it and things perhaps getting worse for her. It doesn't do any harm to go and get things checked out if your unsure about anything.

Hope this helps you and that Sophie will recover from her cold soon. Best wishes to you both! xxx


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