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Sore Lungs


Yet again am ill again, off work and up at daft o'clock. I have another chest infection and dunno how many I have had but think this one could be the worst I have ever had. My lungs hurt so much and cant seem to settle. So tired. I've rasied my pillows, tried pain killers to ease the pain. I've now got a spacer so it makes it easier to take my inhalers. But yet still no luck! Any tips please guys? I'm jus fed up now and getting to the point where I just wish i didnt have asthma. I wanna kick it were the sun dont shine!

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I'll join you in your final comment, are you on antibiotics or have they told you to ride it out? Ask GP for stronger pain killers to dim pain? It often is just time unfort i in similar position infection after infection. After you have one you seem to get the one after another for ages. Very Annoying!

feel free to pm me



Hey! Yeah doc put me on usual antibiotics and pred. He's changed my brown inhaler from 100 to 200 but kept my blue inhaler at 100. This right? Am at mo struggling with getting phlem up so up cuz not sleeping well. So cough and cough and wheezing like no tomo. I'm on co-codamol for the pain. Got a spacer now too cuz me lungs were hurting too much when i inhaled my inhalers. Just wanna get well and get back work so bored.....


Blue inhalers only come in one dose!

Hope the increased steroid preventer helps.

Give it a bit of time for it to build up in the system.

Using an inhaler shouldn't be hurting your lungs unless you are inhaling too hard!

You should inhale slowly so the medicine doesn't hit the back of your throat.

Think of it like a racing car going round a corner - too fast and it hits the corner ( and breathing deeply will hurt your lungs) and too slow, it will grind to a halt.

Spacers are good for coordination and getting the meds in where they are needed.

Whether you use a spacer or not, you should inhale at a steady pace.


my lungs hurt due to too much coughing and thanks for the tip i shall try it x



Kate is correct inhalers shouldnt hurt not if you have the correct technique, altho you could try having painkillers one hour before inhalers so they have kicked in. I have had to do this once before.

Glad to hear you are on antibiotics, once you get near end of course you should be feeling better.

Try reading or drawing or sewing for things to do. It can be boring but your body needs to rest in order to recover. Talking from experience.



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